Reflection on trip to Philippines

June 16 2010 / ShareHim in Philippines B, May. 14 - May. 29 '10 #440
by Karyle Barnes Jr.

Personal Testimony of Karyle Barnes Jr..

The opportunity of going to the Philippines was nothing short of answered prayer. In December of 2009, I was expressing to a friend of mine who was part of a mission trip in Africa how I desired to go overseas and preach the gospel and to witness firsthand how life is outside of America, not knowing an opening for such occasion would be available to me in the span of three months! I must admit however that within the last few days prior to departure I began to get nervous about the trip, but I continued to reflect on how God had provided this moment and the funds to cover it.

The journey to Odiongan (Romblon) Philippines took two days. This included a 20 plus hour flight (which stopped Tokyo, Japan) and an eight hour boat ride from Manila to Romblon. Romblon is such a beautiful island surrounded not only by miles and miles of water but also mango trees, coconut trees, and most importantly beautiful people. It was these people, my Filipino brothers and sisters that would leave an everlasting impression on my life.

I arrived at my church site on Friday evening May 14th, which was surprising to me because I was to preach outdoors on a basketball court. It was also a surprise for the members there of the Panique church because this was the first time they had seen an African-American in person. Neither of these surprises hindered our love for one another and the bond we formed.

So for two weeks I was immersed in Filipino culture. I had so much fun preaching the Word of God every night and watching the Holy Spirit move on people of all ages. Some would be passing by on the motorcycles and stop to listen. Others would listen from their homes. Night after night I preached and I couldn’t wait until 5:15 p.m. when our transportation would arrive and take us to our sites. People were so excited to come hear about Prophecy and to hear God’s Word explained. Their joy overflowed unto me and even as I preached my faith was strengthened. I watched as God answered my prayers for others, how He gave my faith a boost. Never before had I held onto the promises in Scripture as I did in the Philippines.

Sadly, my mission in the Philippines had come to an end. That Sabbath which was the last day was bittersweet. Sweet as I watched over 100 people get baptized, but bitter as I realized that this was the end for me. That night as I preached my last sermon on Heaven, I could not hold back the tears. My heart was so heavy for my brothers and sisters and their salvation yet stirred by the love they manifested towards me and the wonderful time we had together. I encouraged them to stay faithful until Jesus returns and I vowed that by God’s grace I would do the same. Never has my life been touched in such a way as weeks later I reflect on that trip. My eyes have been opened to the power of the gospel and the joy and love found in fellowship. It is with earnestness in prayer that I remember my family in the Philippines and with great hope that I anticipate the Second Coming when we will be united with Jesus and with each other!
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