Stretching to the Next Level

June 23 2010 / ShareHim in Bolingbrook #441
by Karl E. Watson Sr.

Personal Testimony of Karl Watson.

Doing my first ShareHim was very taxing—reviewing each night and planning! We did three weeks right on through back to back! But God is good!

The Place was Bolingbrook SDA church! It seats 250 with elbow room to spare! Each night there was about 40 people that attended. God Blessed!

The topics from the Second Coming to the Sabbath to Health message where right on, and at the end of the three weeks, what a surprise! My 10-year-old son came forward to be baptized! Praise God on high! It was a wonderful time, and I'm looking forward in serving God once again! God is Good!!!!

Looking forward to my next assignment from the Master! The Best is yet to come!!!!!
Jer. 29-11 God has planted us to prosper!
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