Always "Let God Speak"

June 29 2010 / ShareHim in Belize, Dec. 4 - Dec. 19 '09 #447
by Nathaniel Oregon

Campaign Site Narrative from Let God Speak S.D.A. Church, Santa Elena in Belize. The speaker assigned to this site was Nathaniel Oregon.

My first experience in preaching a prophecy series will always be remembered. The people at "Let God Speak SDA Church" will always hold a special place in my heart. The people there were so supportive and so nice. I will miss them dearly. God willing, I will be able to go back and visit there some day.

God did some great things there. Four people were baptized from the meetings where I was preaching with at least 4-6 good follow-ups. It was truly a spiritual experience. I could see the great controversy going on every day right before my eyes. We prepared for our sermons the day of. It was extremely hard to find a quiet place to prepare and practice with everyone else practicing, and even the ones who did not practice were distractions. It was easy to fall into the same category of not practicing, with the others who were distractions.

But when the time came to preach, God really came through big. Even though sometimes the equipment would malfunction or I would forget the power cord or the people were late or the church members themselves would place obstacles, God prevailed! I really tried to not let things bother me because I knew that God would prevail in the end.

One night I lost my voice for like 5-10 seconds. I opened my mouth to speak and nothing came out. That night I forgot my water, but I wasn't thirsty before the meeting and I wasn't nervous. But when I opened my mouth to start speaking, my mouth immediately became dry and I could not speak. I couldn't even say that I needed some water. It felt like a dream...the dream when try to scream or talk nothing comes out—like when something is attacking you and you can't yell for help. That is exactly what it felt like. Finally the word "water" came out. Then I said "I need water." I said a silent prayer and later I found out that other church members started praying at the same time. With that experience I realized that it is always a better idea to "Let God Speak!"
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