My Story & My Family

July 18 2010 / ShareHim in Lewisburg #452
by Delsie Pack

Personal Testimony of Delsie Knicely.

Here is my story. In February 2010, I called my stepdaughter, Sandra Via, and asked her for a favor. I told her I had taken a Bible Worker class and, in order for me to graduate, I needed people to do Bible studies. (I had tried years ago to get her to do Bible studies, but back then she didn't do them.) This time was different.

This time she agreed in order to help me out. Little did she know! The Holy Spirit opened her eyes and she caught on to the truth verses what she always was taught in the Baptist church where she and her husband attended. Her husband also asked for Bible studies. Within 1 1/2 weeks, she and her husband, Nathan, completed a whole set of Amazing Facts Bible Studies. Sandra has completed Amazing Facts, Discover, Focus on Prophecy, and a Daniel Seminar study. She is taking Good News Bible Studies now.

Sandra and Nathan told my stepson Roy K. and his wife, Jean, about the studies and what truth they had learned. So Roy K. and Jean wanted Bible studies also. I sent each one of them a set of studies, and they studied about unclean meats. Jean emailed me and said she had taken all unclean meats out of her fridge and threw them away. Roy and Jean were meat eaters and ate mostly unclean meats.

Word has spread throughout the family. Roy K. and Jean also completed three sets of Bible Studies and they are taking another set now. My step-granddaughter Keisha and her husband Travis, wanted studies also. Then many of my step-great-grand children wanted Bible studies and four of them are actually doing them now.

And now my other step-son, Jeff, and his wife Betty, are taking Bible studies. At the moment I have 30 people taking Bible Studies—family members and non-family members.

I wanted to go to Virginia where my stepdaughter lives and go to a nearby Adventist church with her; this church is a small church and I had heard it was a dying church and I was concerned about that. Several years ago, I had said I would like to help build up that church, and I prayed about it but never could go to get it done. But the Lord took care of my concern. Sandra and Nathan went on their own to the church on Sabbath afternoon. They met several members that they had gone to school with and hadn’t seen for years. Sandra and Nathan fit right in.

Then my Pastor Stewart Pepper had a Midnight cry evangelistic series in March and I invited them to his meetings, a 1 ½- to 2-hour drive for them. They came to some of the meetings and some nights even came with 2 cars full of people.

Two weeks after Pastor Pepper's meetings, I began my ShareHim meetings. I invited my family and they got to come to several of them. One night I gave an alter call when they were there. That set the stage. The Holy Spirit had been working on their hearts and five family members made a decision to be baptized and be part of the Adventist movement—the remnant.

On May 15, 2010 (the Sabbath after the close of my meetings), six people were baptized and more baptisms are pending. More family members and others are still studying.

Also, there was another guy who attended my ShareHim meetings. He came several nights after my meetings started. One evening, he told me he had learned more by attending my meetings than he has ever learned in his life. He said he was amazed at what I was teaching. He did not want to miss any more of my meetings but he had to miss a couple of them because of prior obligations. He has attended Tuesday night prayer meeting and has come to Sabbath morning church service. He wanted to know when I was going to do another ShareHim. I told him I don’t know, but I have invited him to Pastor Pepper’s Midnight Cry series in the fall.

My Stepchildren and grand children are eating up the truth. They are on fire for the Lord. Yes! The devil has tried to discourage them, but they keep on growing, standing up for what they believe in.

The Church closest to them has church in the afternoon. They drive 1 1/2 to 2 hours to Lewisburg Church on Sabbath morning. Then they drive back to attend the 3 o'clock serviced at the nearby church where they live. They go to prayer meeting on Wednesday at the Pearisburg, Virginia Seventh-day Adventist Church . One Sabbath they told me they could not wait until Wednesday night prayer meeting.

I have been praying a long time for my family.
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