Just Like Moses, God Sent Me What I Needed

July 26 2010 / ShareHim in Guatemala, Jul. 9 - Jul. 24 '10 #454
by Alyssa Zambrano

Personal Testimony of Alyssa Zambrano.

Upon arrival to Guatemala, I didn't really feel out of place—first because I've been to Colombia numerous times and so it felt like I was in Colombia again and second because I fully understand Spanish and can speak the language relatively well.

But my story is a little different from the others on my trip. My decision to come on this trip was so last minute I didn’t think I would be able to go. It was the last vespers at school when I started to rethink about coming. Two days later I signed up. My reason for coming was purely because I really felt that God wanted me to go. If it was up to me, I would have never gone.

The first night went horrendous—beyond words terrible! I tried to hold in my tears until the ride back to the hotel was over. I quickly went to my room and told my roommates that it went awful and left the room. In Guatemala when it rains, it pours. It was raining but I didn’t care. I went to the room of my leader and broke down in front of her.

Now I had to preach in Spanish, but I’m not that good in speaking in Spanish. They didn’t have enough translators and because I was the only one in my group that could speak it relatively well, they gave the translators that they had to the others in my group. Four nights passed and every day I would tell myself that this is what I came for. I came to preach the word to others, but now I’m just doing it in Spanish.

My pastor asked me how it was going and I told him fine and that if anyone from my church said anything and he said “no, why? Is there something I should know?” All I told him was that I wasn’t sure if the members could understand the message. Two days later I found out I had a translator and that she would be translating that night. I was so happy and shocked. That night went amazing. Everyone was silent and so into the sermon. Even the visitors who crowded around the windows were surprised.

I thank God for sending her. During this trip I learned a lot. In order to have the Holy Spirit and bear fruit you must always have a connection with God. I built my relationship with Him better. I learned not to rely on myself to complete things but to rely totally on Him, especially if you are doing His will, He will help you even if you aren’t the best speaker like Moses. (Exodus 4:10-15) God choose me, but I was afraid that I couldn’t do this. This verse helped me and it was just like the story how God sent Aaron to Moses and God sent my translator to me. I didn’t need to worry; I just needed to do what God told me to do.
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