Twelve-year old Boy Shares The Gospel

August 2 2010 / ShareHim in Costa Rica B, Jul. 9 - Jul. 24 '10 #458
by Travis Park

Personal Testimony of Travis Park.

Before I signed my family up for ShareHim trip to Costa Rica, I asked my son, Adam, who was 11 years old at that time if he was interested in sharing preaching responsibilities with me. He told me that he would and prepared 5 sermons which he wanted to preach.

Fast forward: we are at the orientation site, Park Hotel,in Perto Limon, Costa Rica on the Caribbean Ocean. We were assigned to go to the Family of God SDA Church at the orientation. But that evening we were told that my site will be Central English Church, Limon where someone else was already assigned to preach there. We were also told that it is English speaking church so we won't need a translator.

The pastor of that church told me not to let Adam preach at his church. It discouraged me somewhat because my family took this trip because Adam wanted to preach. So I shared it with our coordinator pastor there. He told me not to worry. And I knew that we are here at Limon Central Church because of our Lord's will. So I knew that God would work out things out for Adam to preach at that church what he prepared.

Before his preaching engagements, we arranged him to sing few of the appeal songs. The attendees were blessed by his music and I'm sure most of you'd blessed if you listen to him singing. God has blessed him with such a beautiful voice.

His turn came to preach on first Sunday night. We sensed the Holy Spirit preaching through Adam. He was nervous but his voice was clear and emphases were just right. Watching him gesturing with microphone on one hand and clicker on the other hand was great. I thanked God for using my son, Adam, to touch many people's hearts with His message.

Our climax of the trip came when Adam and I used the same pulpit to preach together for the last Sabbath Worship Service. The church was packed with members and guests.
I was fairly nervous how it would go because Adam had already preached the night before for the Friday evening service through the storm. But I was also confident that the Holy Spirit would speak through us. Indeed God anointed our lips to deliver the message.

Adam sang the appeal song after delivering the message, and boy, how all the congregation was blessed by his music.

Adam and I went to Costa Rica to spread the message and to plant the seeds. Our Heavenly Father will water and grow them spiritually through different medium.

I do not know what kind of impact this trip will have on Adam, but I'll encourage him to take another trip next year to do the same. I need your prayers for Adam to make a decision to dedicate his life in serving the Lord.

I'd like to encourage all of you who read this article to come out of your comfort zone in participating this great movement. Jesus is coming very soon whether we are ready or not but He wants all of us to be there to meet Him in the air.

Our Lord and Savior's commission for us: Matt. 28:18-20
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