What God Did for Me

August 5 2010 / ShareHim in Philippines D, Jul. 16 - Jul. 31 '10 #459
by Gabriela Neagu

Personal Testimony of Gabriela Neagu.

I am now in Romania, home, but I know I left so many wonderful friends there in Philippines... First I didn’t want to go there; it seemed impossible to me at that moment. I was thinking that I was not good enough for going there.

But God proved to me that He could do amazing things though men and women who had allowed Him to do that in their lives. This crusade was His gift for me. I don’t deserve it, but that’s why it is so great! My friend should go there, not me, but she changed her mind and asked me if I wanted to go. I told her, joking: “Yes, sure, me in Philippines!!!”

But she went and told our pastor, I would go in Philippines. So I was put on the list and chosen. I will never regret her courage. It was the greatest experience in my life until now. God is good and He wants me to serve Him my whole life; this is not too much. In fact, when I was preaching about the second coming of Jesus Christ, my own life was changed, forever. This crusade was for me and those God gave to me. Praise the Lord!
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