Learning the Fundamental Truths

September 7 2010 / ShareHim in El Salvador C, Aug. 20 - Sep. 4 '10 #464
by Alvin Maria

Personal Testimony of Alvin Maria.

I would like to first thank God for allowing me to go to El Salvador to share the gospel of Christ with others. Indeed, the first impression that one has to go to a place like that is a bit uncertain due to the insecurity of the place, but where there are souls to save, there is nothing to fear because God has promised to be with their children all the time, even if the situation is not so favorable.

I preached for the church Altos del Palamar and I saw the hands of God working in my side. My spiritual life grew greatly and once again God showed me that it is not where I want to go or the success that I want to have, but the one who sends and gives the success who always fulfills His purposes.

I have the satisfaction of having done the work that the church required. It is not always gaining many new members that matters; we must also confirm those who are already part of the church but need to know the fundamental truths of God's word. We did just that and baptized four people in the time we were there.

The spirit of God gave us the victory there. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to market my life in that place while we were blessing to others.

Thanks to ShareHim and the Quiet Hour. May God fill you with blessings and may the gospel reach those places where it is not yet known.
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