Tanzania Share Him Experience

September 9 2010 / ShareHim in Tanzania, Aug. 20 - Sep. 4 '10 #467
by Tucker Rullestad

Personal Testimony of Tucker Rullestad.

I am home from my first experience with ShareHim; hopefully not the last! What an exciting journey. I preached at the village of Newland in Tanzania. It was the first time in my life ever preaching, and now I don't think I will ever be able to stop. Everyone in Tanzania was so welcoming. By the time I had to leave, it felt like I was leaving my family behind. However, we did set up a time to meet, two hours after worship, the first Sabbath in heaven, at the tree of life. I am looking forward to that day with so much excitement!

It was so exciting to see how many people came to hear the message every night. I am continuing to pray that God will send His Holy spirit to guide and direct all of the wonderful people ministered to throughout the series. I wish it never had to end, but I know the Lord has future plans for me and all of us who participated. I hope and pray that He will continue to guide me to where I am needed in this world we live in.

Thank you Jesus, and everyone else, who made this trip possible for me. It has truly changed my life.
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