A Sign From God

September 10 2010 / ShareHim in Tanzania, Aug. 20 - Sep. 4 '10 #468
by Bastian Bak

Campaign Site Narrative from Orndenge, Namanga in Tanzania. The speaker assigned to this site was Bastian Bak.

On my visitations together with my translator Julius and Saruni, a friend of the church Orndege, I experienced something special. We visited some homes of the Maasai people in Tanzania. And in one of these homas, I have met a special person. Olosiana lived there with his children, his wife and some goats on a nice hill with a view on Mount Longido.

After Julius introduced us to him, he told us that he is going to congregations of a local church. But he was not satisfied. He was complaining about having no opportunity to be acquainted with the Holy Bible. This local church refused to give him any help about that. So I was asking him if he wanted to have a bible in Maasai language. His answer was yes, but he couldn't read.

Well, I was happy to have one of the GodPods sponsored by AWR. I told him that he will be able to listen to the New Testament, which is recorded on this solar mp3-player. And also it is in his language, Maasai. I switched it on and the first thing he said: "This is a sign from God!"

So I gave him this GodPod, so he could listen to the words of Jesus. His wife started laughing, not because of something funny; no, she was laughing because of joy. Olosiana said that he was really longing to get to know the Bible, he asked God to give him an opportunity and the person, who would give the answer to his request, will also show him the church he should attend. On that day God has given him the answer by this GodPod and the opportunity that I could tell him about the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He said that he is willing to come to the next Sabbath services.

Unfortunately I couldn't meet him a second time, but I pray for him and hope he will get acquainted with the real and loving Lord, which is Jesus Christ.
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