Evangelism Starts with Prayer

June 12 2012 #547
by Ruber Leal

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Ruber Leal.

Back in January, our prayer leader, Merril Hylton, invited us to start the year with 10 days of prayer. Our church prayed for 10 days straight, 24 hours a day; each member took a fifteen minute slot. One of the days at 3 AM in the morning, one of the members sent the text to remind the next person to pray at 3 AM. It so happened that the text was delivered to the "wrong" number and it went to the phone of a young man who, at that same time, was fasting and praying for God's guidance in his life.

That same night the church member and this stranger kept texting each other and encouraging each other. Two weeks later the young man came to church, and since then he has brought many people with him to church. At the end of the meetings, this young man was baptized. And two of his friends are doing Bible studies. What a powerful God we serve!
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