The Rain Stops and We Keep Preaching

July 2 2012 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, Jun. 8 - Jun. 23 '12 #554
by Florian Huber

Campaign Site Narrative from La Esperanza, San Juan de la Maguana in Dominican Republic A. The speaker assigned to this site was Florian Huber.

My Name is Florian Huber and I´m a theology student from Bogenhofen (Austria). This summer I had the great opportunity to spend a few weeks with ten other students and pastors from Bogenhofen in the Dominican Republic.

We had a really great time there and God blessed our evangelistic campaign there. I had a really small church, and the church leaders decided that I should preach outside in front of the church. Every evening there were approximately 20 to 50 guests at my church who were carefully listening to the sermons. On the second evening, my translator told me that he had spoken to a women who was in the audience. She told him that one day before, at the first evening meeting, she could not catch what the people were saying because of the bad sound system, but in that moment that I took the microphone, she could understand everything correctly.

I mentioned before that I preached outside, so there was no shelter for me or my projector to be protected from rain. One evening it started to rain during the presentation and I started to shut the projector down to bring it into the church building. But at this moment, I learned more about the power of prayer because my translator told me that we should pray instead of going inside.

We prayed and a few minutes later the rain stopped and we could continue with our presentation. To God be the glory for all the miracles he did during this evangelistic campaign! On the last Sabbath, there were four or five people from my church who became baptized. More guests will become baptized a few weeks and month later. For me it was a great pleasure and a great experience to experience God’s power today.
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