The Dream and The Rain

July 21 2012 / ShareHim in Ethiopia, Jun. 22 - Jul. 7 '12 #555
by Eric Lance

Personal Testimony of Eric Lance.

The first night that I spoke at Abosto, there was this woman that smiled really big when she saw me. She then gave me what we call a "bear hug." She would not let me go and she kept saying something in Sudamic, the language of Abosto. Every night she would greet me with a smile and a "bear hug" and say the same thing. One night I saw her on a bench and I went and sat down with her and my translator. This is her story as translated by my translator.

Three weeks before I came to Abosto, this lady had a dream. She saw me in her dream preaching before a great crowd at her church in Abosto. She saw a fountain of water spring up from the earth and fall on the crowd. She believed it was the Holy Spirit falling on the people of Abosto. Then she said her daughter had the very same dream. One week after she and her daughter had this dream, it was announced that a group of people would be coming from America and present a "ShareHim" prophecy series at her church. She knew that her dream truly was from God. Every time she saw me she wanted to praise God and thank him for sending His messenger and message for her people. She knew that God really did care for her and her people.

But, that was not the only miracle that God gave the people of Abosto. Not many people came to the first three meetings to Abosto. It looked like about 200 each meeting. Then at the end of my third meeting, an elderly gentleman yelled out "pray for rain." I asked my translator what was that about. He said that they were in a terrible drought and their crops were drying up. If it did not rain, many may die from starvation. What they did not know was that we had been telling everyone to pray that it would not rain. We knew that we were going to Ethiopia at the beginning of their rainy season. We were afraid that the rain would keep everybody from coming to our meetings. So, I texted my wife in North Carolina and told her to get everybody to pray for rain.

The next day it rained. That night it looked like more than 1000 people came to the meeting. My translator said that the people "believed that you brought the rain with you from America and they wanted to come and hear you and thank you for the rain." From then on, great crowds came to all the meetings in the Awassa area. At my site, 120 were baptized. At the three different locations of Ethiopia, 1400 were baptized.

I did meet the daughter that dreamed about me one time. I knew who she was when she saw me. She gave me a "bear hug" just like her mother. She also praised God in the Sudamic language.
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