Preaching at the Nakuru Rhonda Campaign Site

August 2 2012 / ShareHim in Kenya, Jul. 6 - Jul. 21 '12 #558
by Kamil Kreutziger

Campaign Site Narrative from Nakuru West, Nakuru in Kenya. The speaker assigned to this site was Kamil Kreutziger.

I was a part of ShareHim Kenya 2012 student’s mission group from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We preached the Gospel and shared Jesus across the fourth largest city in Kenya named Nakuru during July. It was a blessed experience with God and the people.

The cooperation with local believers was very good. Public evangelism was part of their long-term mission plan, consisting of prayers, Bible studies and genuine desire to win citizens for Jesus Christ. Every meeting started with health and family talks, and choral songs. The enthusiastic pastors, elders, and ordinary members provided tremendous prayer support. At the Rhonda SDA Church site, every morning at 3:00 AM a group of brothers and sisters met in prayer. They were well aware of the spiritual warfare for the hearts of people. Along with praying and fasting, brothers and sisters from the Czech Republic and Slovakia created the necessary spiritual support to this missionary effort. Here are some snapshots of this spiritual warfare.

Answering an Appeal
We preached about baptism. It was a very nice sermon. At the end we made an appeal. Children came forward first. (They will be taught the Bible. They do not baptize children here.) Then some young people came forward as well. And finally, a wheelchair lame man came forward to the platform. His name was Kennedy. He was an Adventist in the early nineties. He was a Bible teacher. Then for some reason he left the church. He became an alcoholic. He lived right next to our site. At home, Kennedy was carefully listening to every sermon since we started here. He heard every single one from the very beginning! And today, he heard the appeal and could not resist. Something in his heart urged him to come forward. So he left his home and came forward to the platform. I am very happy for him. God worked in his heart and in mine. He just answered my questions about the importance of our work here.

Death and God’s Grace
Today we preached about death. Satan is very strong in this theme. Millions of people believe in a life after life, reincarnation, hell, purgatory, and so on. It happens that problems come with this sermon, but today at Nakuru Rhonda SDA Church, the grace of God reached this place. Adults and children listened to from beginning to end in utter silence. John and I felt as they were hanging on our lips. Finally we made a call. Adults and children came in absolute silence to the platform. Everyone! I saw their faces and eyes. It was a very special moment. I told them that they did not come forward because of me, or John, or images on the screen, but because of God, who is here. He gives us life. And therefore we need not fear death.

Public evangelism peaked with ceremonial baptisms of new believers. Thanks to God and the cooperation of many people from different countries, 320 people were baptized (47 in Rhonda). One of them was Paulina, our mission team member. She finalized her decision for Jesus while preaching the gospel in Nakuru, Kenya. All new believers accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord and want to live with Him. Others are planning this important step and are being taught and prepared in local churches.

The mission trip was organized by ShareHim in cooperation with the Czech Advent student organization INRI road, ASI Europe, EUD, local churches and other entities and people. I would like to thank God and all our colleagues for their great spiritual and material support that made this mission possible.
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