I Used to Be Really Shy

August 2 2012 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic B, Jul. 6 - Jul. 21 '12 #561
by Rachel Gonsalves

Personal Testimony of Rachel Gonsalves.

Adaptability is the key word that I learned and kept on this trip. Every time I head out to my site and hours before its time to get to my site, I find that I am praying heavily and constantly during that time. It is just one prayer after another. God has really helped me a lot during this trip and I am so thankful for what He did for me. I thought I was quiet until I met other teens around my age. I used to be really shy and to this day I still am sometimes, but when it comes to saying something important especially God’s word, I speak out loud. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t need other people to speak for me and I needed to depend more on God and less on my parents and close friends. God knows me better than I care to admit.

One great moment so far was when I had gotten the whole church to raise their hands for some of the questions I asked (relating to Jesus’ kingdom). It wasn’t that way at first, since only a couple hands were raised, but then I asked and asked again and then the whole church raised their hands. I still have my doubts, but I trust God to take those doubts away. Aside from preaching, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful country and there are certain characteristics that you can’t find anywhere else. I do feel the Holy Spirit and I pray that it will continue to be with me.
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