Church Ignited

September 4 2012 #570
by Steve Severance

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Steve Severance.

I was a bit skeptical when I was told I would be preaching just 16 sermons and only 2,000 handbills would be passed out. But I saw that when God's word is preached people respond.

The church I was preaching at was on fire with this series. Lots of prayer happened. Each night before I went out to preach, the church leadership team gathered for prayer.

After each meeting, once the visitors had left, we gathered all the members who were still around in a large circle in the sanctuary and had an open season of prayer. It was powerful! The church leadership said on a number of occasions that they had never seen the church so active and enthusiastic.

Their faith was rewarded with seven conversations: two on the last day of the meetings, and five following.

We had a total of 95 people register. Sixty-three came more than one night and by the fourth or fifth night, we had a consistent group of around 15 that were coming regularly, and of those, we didn't lose any because of message (some continued attending after the meetings).
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