A Brief Testimony

November 28 2012 #577
by Susan Patzer

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Susan Patzer.

I only presented half the campaign. As arranged ahead of time, it was finished by the local pastor/staff so I could get back to my job. It was a very rich, life-changing experience to do this in the US. The main differences from overseas meetings I have been a part of were: 1) no need for a translator; 2) therefore, length of presentation was much better; and most importantly, 3) this was a sowing series, not a reaping series.

One day I joined 3 of my non-SDA attendees to do outreach at their church. I met their young pastor and made several more friends at their church. I got some of the SDA members to join them in their outreach (to the community's homeless) and there was a good feeling that emerged between the two groups.

Since these meetings I have arranged to take six ladies to Costa Rica for evangelism in March 2013 as part of our NPUC mission trip. Others now want to join us. They are all involved in women's ministries in the northwest. It is my desire that they will gain confidence to come home and "do likewise" in a church in their conferences. Hopefully their enthusiasm will get more women involved in evangelism.
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