Freedom Road, Jamestown Kentucky

December 6 2012 #579
by J. Fred Calkins

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was J. Fred Calkins.

I feel very good about this series. We have at least six new people attending church and several of the members were very positively impacted. The thing that seemed most productive to me was an after discussion using a model promoted by Charles Byrd.

After each presentation, I passed out a sheet with about half a dozen ‘heart’ questions. These were question calling for a response wherein every answer is valid.--simply an opportunity in a small group of about five people to share and then pray together. It was very different from the ‘alter call’ I had used other times and bonded to folk (members and guests) wonderfully.

Here is one more thing I did that seemed to work well: I asked a non-member who is skilled at computers to be my technical Guru. While he objected to the title, he made it possible that when something acted up (and it did about 6 – 10 times) I could keep preaching while he resolved the computer or projector issue. It also got him there every night! I have full confidence most of the guests will join. I am happy to build their relationship more slowly but more firmly than a visiting evangelist must do.
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