My trip to Kenya, Africa

February 3 2013 / ShareHim in Kenya C, Aug. 12 - Aug. 27 '11 #581
by Steve McKoy

Personal Testimony of Steve McKoy.

Had a great time in the mountains of Maua. It was beautiful. Bananas and Mangos growing wild, mountains to hike, and a nice waterfall. We preached 18 nights in a row and baptized over 1,000 people at 10 sites! My site baptized 108. It was a blessing to see young people pushing their way up front to receive Christ!
It was dry and dusty, and we preached outside, so every time a car would pass, we'd get clobbered by a cloud of dust. That took some getting used to, but God really blessed the work, and I'd encourage everyone to go on a mission trip. It will change your perspective, and your life! Steve Mckoy
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