Thinking of Heaven

April 8 2013 / ShareHim in Moldova, Feb. 1 - Feb. 16 '13 #587
by Benjamin Stan

Personal Testimony of Benjamin Stan.

During the first Sabbath in Ivanovca Noua, the village hosting my campaign, I remembered the tragedy they went through in less than a year when the van that was carrying several of the brass orchestra members and other members of the Adventist church was struck by a cistern truck, killing five and injuring many others.

This was made even more clear when while singing the song chosen for the campaign: “Awaiting His Return,” I saw tears in the eyes of those who have lost someone dear.

One of the young men that came every night to the meetings was Ion Sirghi. He turns 16 this year, and was one of the injured young men. He and another were in a coma for a while after the accident. While the other person passed away, he survived, and told me that he believes that God has a plan for him.

The accident has left visible and invisible marks on him. He is still not able to return to school. His pain and suffering has made him wish even more to see Jesus return. “Every night,” he said, “I think about heaven, and how it will be there.”

During the first week of meetings, he approached me and asked me to pray for him. I did and still continue to do so. After the prayer we talked, and I hugged him. This became something to look forward to every night.

When I made the call for baptism, I saw him struggle, but hesitant to make a decision, and during the closing of the program I went to the back of the room to greet all the visitors while they left. While the brass band played, he came to me and told me that he wanted so much to come forward but couldn’t. He asked me if I would repeat the appeal the following night, and I assured him that I would for every night while I was there. He told me that he will surely come forward then.

I never got the chance to call him. When the band stopped playing, pastor Victor Costas, instead of just inviting the audience to come back the following evening, decided to remake the appeal. And Ion, did not wait for the following night.

On our last day in Ivanovca Noua, Ion and four others were baptized. That hug, before I left was the greatest of them all. We parted, but I continue to pray for him and Ivanovca Nouă, that God may not only provide the necessary healing, but also the encouragement to choose Him.
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