Miracle In Botswana

August 21 2013 / ShareHim in Botswana, Jul. 19 - Aug. 3 '13 #607
by New Jacob

Personal Testimony of New Jacob.

It was Friday evening, the first night of the campaign in Maun, Botswana. I noticed a lady walking with the aid of two crutches at the meeting. At the end of the service, I was impressed to invite those who needed special prayer to come forward, and I will pray with and for them. Many people came forward for prayer including this lady with the crutches. The next day, Sabbath morning, the lady came to me and said, “You prayed for me last night, and here I am walking without crutches.“

She attended the rest of the meetings without crutches. She got strong enough to carry her grandchild on her back. Every night she seemed to get stronger and stronger. God be praised. This story is a great example that God answers prayers.
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