God Brings Blessing to The Community when Youth Reach Out with ShareHim Series

August 25 2013 #609
by Daniel Forbes

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Daniel Forbes.

The main speaker was a young girl of our church whose name is Jennifer. Earlier she spoke to me of her desire to rededicate herself to God and to be obedient to Him. I later asked her in the beginning of the year if she would like to attend a weekend of training by the Florida Conference to learn how to hold an evangelistic meeting. The one requirement was that she had to agree to hold a series of meetings of her choosing. She jumped at the opportunity with great enthusiasm. After coming back from the training, she was so excited to hold her first series that I had to marvel at her enthusiasm. We set the date for the series and planned accordingly. She solicited the help of another young person in church, Eon, to preach on a couple of nights while she took the rest of the nightly and Sabbath morning topics. The Lord worked through them both and brought a blessing to the congregation in a mighty way.
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