Waverly, TN Meetings-Spring of 2014

April 29 2014 #618
by Steven Caza

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Steven Caza.

The first time I met Elaine was at a pre-seminar cooking school. She told me she has been the churches in town and they were not teaching the bible. I thought to myself that this lady was a challenging person by our conversation. On opening night, who comes through the door--Elaine. She left smiling after each presentation. Halfway through the meeting she told me she was converted in 2002 and had been waiting 12 years for meetings like this. Elaine is currently taking personal studies, attending prayer meeting, Sabbath school and church and has requested baptism.

Herman approached my wife on opening night and said my wife and I delivered a free book which our churched offered through a community mail out. The book was called "HOPE" by Russell Burrell. Neither one of us remembered Herman. The beginning of the third week of the meeting, I went to visit Herman and when I got out of my car he met me and I told him, I have been here before. He took me inside his house and showed me the book my wife and I delivered to him. He told me he read the book several times and appreciated it. He believes in the Sabbath and the dead are in their graves waiting for the second coming. He did not miss a night and has requested baptism. He, like Elaine, is in personal Bible study, attending prayer meeting, Sabbath school and church.

Bill and Brenda were at the same pre-work cooking school as Elaine. Brenda is in a wheel chair caused by a gunshot wound. She had contact in her past with SDA’s in Florida feeding homeless people. She attended church in FL but never joined. Bill was raised a strict Pentecostal but did not see everything the way his church did. They attended most nights and seemed pleased with the presentations. On the night we studied the Sabbath, Bill had a light go off in his head. When we covered what Jesus did on Good Friday--rested in the tomb on Sabbath and then rose on Easter Sunday. He said they made sense to him and accepted the Sabbath. Brenda has a ministerial degree and has had a bent toward SDA’s because of a comparative religion class where she was introduced the SDA church and its teachings. They both want to join the church and are hosting the Bible study where Herman and a church member named Marlin and I study with them.

This was a thrilling adventure. Three of us took turns making the presentation. Jody Zimmerman, Gary Pyke and myself-Pastor Steven Caza. We held about half of our meetings in the front part of a local restaurant while they were serving supper. It was a bit noisy but a few of the patrons and several of the worker’s and the owner watched the presentations.
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