Baptized at Age of 96

July 9 2014 #633
by Sylister Jackson

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Sylister Jackson.

After serving as a pastor many years, this was the second time I had the privilege of baptizing someone over 90 years of age. This campaign was conducted in a small church in a poor area of town. The pastor has two churches and chose this one for the meeting. The other church is too far for the members to attend.

Each night it was a joy seeing a lady come in on her walker with a smile on her face. I first thought she was an old time Adventist but found out that she had never been baptized into the Adventist church. I made an announcement that the one who brought the largest number of visitors would receive a gift money card. The next night this little old lady brought 15 people, which included a Baptist minister.

When the appeal was made at the end of the crusade for baptism fourteen souls took their stand and ten were baptized and the other four are in the baptismal class. This little old lady who is 96 was the first to get in the pool. She is now rejoicing as a member of the Calvary Seventh-day Adventist church in Clarksdale, Ms.
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