Small But Successful

October 16 2014 #643
by John Clark

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was John Clark.

It had been a while since Wichita Fall had held a series. They were very supportive though and we planned a few pre-meeting activities like Financial Peace University. We also had done a community service day passing out coats and clothing in the neighborhood. We didn't have a large crowd but averaged about 30 each night with about 8-9 guests.

One couple had never been to an Adventist church before and came with there 2 small children and we're looking for a church. They only came first night but had lots of questions. I encouraged them to keep coming and all their questions would be answered. They didn't, but we corresponded over email several times. Seeds were planted.

We had one large group with special needs that came to almost every meeting with 4-6 people. They enjoyed the meetings and are always looking for prophecy meetings. They liked to stay for the snack each evening and visit. They would even help in kitchen. They agreed with everything that was taught but wanted to stay at their current church where they were very involved and had a special needs class. They said to let them know if we had any more programs like this. Again seeds were planted.

The most interesting guest was a young single mother who had a dream about me before she attended. She came almost every night and continued to come for several weeks and also studied with my wife. She left though because she was looking for a husband. Again seeds were planted. She still is in contact with my wife.

We had one couple come in through profession of faith. Their granddaughter was writing about the Sabbath on Facebook so they started asking questions and looked for an Adventist church saw the flyer and started attending. We did a baptismal class and they joined and have been faithful ever since.

Last but not least an Adventist couple who had checked on church before but never attended for various reasons saw the flyer and decided to give us another chance and are now attending. They also saw our Facebook page and that really drew them in. Many members said after the meetings they understood what we believe a lot better. God is good.
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