God Has Blessed

February 4 2015 #650
by Brian Halley

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Brian Halley.

The campaign started Jan 24th with 12 visitors. On Sabbath evening we had an additional visitor. The first Sunday we don't hold meetings so we don't interfere with those coming from other churches so it doesn't cause an issue with churches. On Monday we were back to 12 visitors but had to plan for a impending winter storm. For Florida this is not something they can handle. We informed the guests that we would make the decision by noon on Tuesday and let them know. We did have to cancel the meeting Tuesday evening as everything was iced over for the next 2 days and closed down.

Fortunately, we only missed the one meeting because we didn't have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. We had the Tuesday meeting on Thursday and then two meetings on Friday. The two on Friday were the Law and the Sabbath, which tie together very well so could shorten them to cover in two shorter sessions.

We did have the parents of a family coming who stopped coming going into the second weekend. Their kids were coming but not them. The kids were riding to church with relatives. The pastor and I went and visited and found out that they were struggling with funds for fuel.

One visitor found several of the topics quite eye-opening. She had been studying the Bible an this series answered many questions for her.

At the end of the series there was a family of four baptized. And there have been 3 other baptisms from attendees of the series.
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