God is Still in Control

November 3 2006 / ShareHim in Korea, Oct. 13 - Oct. 28 '06 #79
by Christopher Fritz

Campaign Site Narrative from Bitgoeul, Gwangju City in Korea. The speaker assigned to this site was Christopher Fritz.

I came to this city amid turmoil and conflict. The scheduled evangelists were AWOL. Despite this conundrum, God was still in control of letting His world hear His Word.

It is not always easy to go and preach a series of sermons without an orientation on the system. However, we had the benefit of having Benny Moore there for the first few days to iron out some of the birthing problems.

God moved mightily. I was not always sure if the folk understood the urgency of witnessing. My cultural nuances might even be strange to their ears. However, nightly when we made appeals, folks would respond by first raising their hands and then completing the response card.

At the conclusion of the series, at Bitgoel SDA Church, we baptized nine precious souls. The local leadership was kind to let me share in the baptism. I performed the last two and made an appeal to those wishing to be baptized.

Pray for God's blessings on the newly baptized.
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