Nine year-old Nicholas Leads Parents and Others to the Church

April 6 2006 / ShareHim in Ghana - satellite, Jan. 27 - Feb. 11 '06 #8
by Elijah Nyamaah

Campaign Site Narrative from Penkwase, Sunyani in Ghana - satellite. The speaker assigned to this site was Elijah Nyamaah.

Nicholas, a nine year old boy attended all of our recent meetings in Sunyani, Ghana. On the night when I spoke on the topic of health, Nicholas was impressed and decided to avoid all unclean meats.

The next day, when at home he was offered unclean meats, Nicholas refused to eat it. His parents were very annoyed and attacked my visitation team for inciting their little boy against their table. The team took some time and opened the Scriptures with the parents and four other neighbours and showed them what the Bible had to say about health and eating unclean foods. At the end all of them became convinced and attended the meetings and in the end joined the church through baptism.

Today Nicholas is nicknamed "SDA Pastor" in his neighborhood. Pray for Nicholas and his ongoing witness.

Elijah Nyamaah
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