God and Technology

November 6 2006 / ShareHim in Guinea Bissau, Jul. 7 - Jul. 22 '06 #86
by André Silva

Personal Testimony of André Silva.

I had many blessings in Africa. But, I have a case that was special. Every night I preached the Word of God. My site was poor, but the people were very special. I used my video projector and my notebook together with the program in PowerPoint of Global Evangelism (ShareHim). Every night I used the technological resources.

At the end of the program one of the girls came to me to ask about. But, the funny thing was that I could not understand what she was saying. Then I realized that she was deaf and can't speak. It was impressive that she had understand everything, all of the doctrines. Thanks to the PowerPoints of the global evangelism/Share Him, one deaf girl was baptized in Africa. Thanks to God and those who made the software. To invest in the technological resources is very important, because it can be a powerfull instrument in the hands of God! I had hoped to baptize five people, but God gave me 18 people and in our group more than 180 people. I pray that God continues blessing you and your work. My life changed after that experience. Thank you for all. See you...
Hugs for all,
Pr. André Silva
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