The Passport and the Pastor's Wife

November 6 2006 / ShareHim in Sabah/Sarawak, Oct. 6 - Oct. 21 '06 #87
by Harold Kehney

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The Passport and the Pastor's wife...

ShareHim speaker James LeBlanc missed his International flight to Balikpapan, a city which is on the island of Borneo, because his Delta flight had mechanical problems. This was his first flight out of many more legs and it affected all of his connecting international flights. It resulted in him also missing the time he had communicated with the Balikpapan members to meet him at his Borneo airport.

The pastor and his wife of the Balikpapan church went to the airport to meet James. However, they found out that he was not on the flight. So they did not know what to do. They had missed him. How would they know which plane he would be coming in on and also how would they recognize someone they did not know?

The pastor’s wife decided to go to the large international airport waiting area and to sit and wait as her husband went to make calls and see how he could find his missing ShareHim guest speaker. There in the lobby just as she was sitting down she looked down and saw something on the floor right next to her seat. When she reached for it she saw it was a U.S. Passport. She thought, "Someone lost this important document." When she opened it there on the inside front page she saw the name of James LeBlanc, the exact same person they had come to the airport to pick up. Here she had his passport. How could this be? But now she knew he must be in the airport and now with his photo she was sure that she could find him

It was not long until she found James LeBlanc; he had been frantically looking for his lost passport. His changed connections had brought him into Balikpapan two hours earlier. Somehow the passport fell out of James' pocket at the exact same place where she was impressed to sit two hours later. Out of all the people coming and going, this was the only person who knew who James LeBlanc was. This was a miracle! James had responded to God's call to go to Balikpapan and preach and now Someone was watching out for him.

For two hours the passport lay there on the airport floor. You cannot tell anyone in our ShareHim group that the pastor’s wife sitting in this exact spot was an accident. You cannot tell anyone that this was not a divine miracle of how God takes care of us, not only at the airport but as we preach nightly for Him. This again demonstrated how God works and how He hid this passport from the view of hundreds of people until it was found by the right person--the pastor’s wife.

God always cares in His special way.
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