Speaker Joins Converts for Baptism in Borneo

November 6 2006 / ShareHim in Kalimantan, Oct. 13 - Oct. 28 '06 #88
by Harold Kehney

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Little did first-time speaker and evangelist Robert Husley from Hayward, California, know who his preaching would reach when he left home to go to Balipapan on the island of Borneo to preach a ShareHim evangelism campaign.

It was the night Robert was preaching on the subject of baptism that he was convicted that he too needed to be baptised. He had been baptised at a early age, but while studying for his sermon, he realised that his baptism was not a true conversion baptism and that his life hadn't been one been one of a converted Christian. Following his newfound conviction, Robert decided to be rebaptised with his new converts to Jesus on baptism day.
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