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November 13 2006 / ShareHim in Sabah/Sarawak, Oct. 6 - Oct. 21 '06 #91
by Sue Muff

Personal Testimony of Sue Muff.

A friend asked me to pray for a miracle for her to be able to go on the mission trip to Sarawak. I was happy to pray for her but have never had a desire to go abroad myself, being content to witness to those around me that I come in contact with day to day. I had been asking God to help me learn better my beliefs which I had been sharing with a neighborhood weekly Bible study. I think God must have winked and said, “Have I got something for you!” This same friend (Rhonda Lyons) called again and said “Would you come too? Don’t answer me for two days”.

Wow! I was in shock! In my head I kept hearing “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” She had told me there were only three willing to go and they had eight churches that wanted to have an evangelistic series. She promised me the speeches were all done. All I had to do was give them. I stared praying right away and asked my husband what he thought of that. He was cautious but said that if God was calling me to go, I needed to go.

I asked a friend and she said, “Go. If God wants you to go He will open the doors.” I filled out my application on Monday and was accepted on Tuesday. Wow again! Everything fell into place and before I knew it I was off for Malaysia and an adventure I never dreamed of.

On the application there was a listing of all the sites that needed speakers. I saw there was a site some distance from Kuching where we would be staying. I thought most people probably wouldn’t want that so I would take it.

When we all assembled in Kuching and got to know each other and our churches it was like God had handpicked each person for their church. Mine was over an hour away and the final four miles was on a dirt road. What a precious little church it was. There was a dear man pastoring the church by the name of Pastor Ladin. He had a precious wife named Floria whom I fell in love with. This dear couple had four little boys but in spite of one being a baby Floria came all but one night. By the end she was sharing her beautiful voice with everyone by singing the theme song.

God gave me love for all of those people. I had terrible trouble with my computer and technical difficulties giving the sermons but finally I realized these were not my sermons but God’s and it was up to Him to get the truths across to the people. I was just the earthen vessel. God honored my willingness to go with 68 precious people who were baptized. I was told they thought there might be 20. I was so honored to be a part of that. I kept thinking “What if I had not gone?”

I thank God for his providences and protection. The pastor who drove me back to Kuching each night was afraid of being held up along the road. We prayed every night before leaving the church around 9:15 pm. We never had any trouble but when we get to heaven our guardian angel may have some stories to tell us.

We had a wonderful group that bonded so well; it was a joy! I am thankful I went, for now I know how Paul felt when he wrote to his churches. I now have a little church in Bejuray, Sarawak, Malaysia who have my heart, my prayers and my thoughts. I want to meet them in the kingdom!
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