Unexpected blessing

November 20 2006 / ShareHim in Costa Rica, Sep. 8 - Sep. 23 '06 #94
by Stephanie Kelm

Campaign Site Narrative from San Ramón, Alajuela in Costa Rica. The speaker assigned to this site was Stephanie Kelm.

I preached the first week in the church of San Ramon and the second week in the church of Palmarez. The last Sabbath I knew I wouldn't have to preach and so I was happy to be able to listen to a Costa Rican sermon. But on Friday evening I had the feeling to go back the next day to San Ramon and to preach there. I don't know why. So I asked my pastor if it would be possible to preach the next morning in my "first" church. He said yes and I did. After I had finished my sermon the elder came forward to thank me and to say some words of goodbye and blessing. And then he invited the members and guests to say some words too. What they said I hadn't expected. They told their life stories and how the time of the campaign had changed their lives. There were Adventists who thanked me very much, who felt encouraged and who said that the church had changed. There were guests who thanked me for the good news they had never seen before. There were young people, children of Adventists, who listened to me and enjoyed my preaching and the message. God changed not only people but the church. He did more than I saw in the two weeks. I was very surprised about what happened although we had many problems and difficulties. But God blessed everyone and eyerything. "Gloria a dios"
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