Help in Sg. Pinang, Kuching

November 21 2006 / ShareHim in Sabah/Sarawak, Oct. 6 - Oct. 21 '06 #96
by Rhonda Lyons

Campaign Site Narrative from Sg Pinang, Kuching in Sabah/Sarawak. The speaker assigned to this site was Rhonda Lyons.

Sg. Pinang is a small church out in the country. They have a dedicated group of people. They are very musical and very involved with their young people. They already were working with some of their members getting them ready for baptism. When I got there, the members were very supportive. I was blessed with God's help in preaching because I was unsure at first, but God really helped me. The pastors were very helpful too. They drove me to and from the hotel and one pastor took me visiting. This made a difference in attendance. I really enjoyed visiting the people in their homes. One of the ladies took me visiting also. We had some visitors from the community but for the most part they were afraid to come. The translator's son-in-law, a Roman Catholic, was baptized! He was invited to previous meetings but didn't want to go. By God's grace he came to these. The family was really happy!
We had many young people baptized. There were 12 baptisms total. We went to a river and joined another church for the baptisms.
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